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Personal experpience with fraud
Is it possible to get a new social security number?
Discussion about ponzi schemes
Why do so many businesses ask for a social security number now?


AARP held a Vekeo event that focused on AARP’s Fraud Watch Network and available resources to protect families including watch dog alerts and local sessions. Jeff Johnson, AARP Florida State Director was joined by two guest speakers, Rosa Maymi, AARP advisor for education and outreach with Fraud Watch campaign, and Eric Bustillo, regional director of SEC Miami regional Office. Rosa Maymi talked about the new initiative, the Fraud Watch Campaign. It is free to be part of the fraud watch network. She talked about the type of information received when part of the Fraud Watch Network. Eric Bustillo, discussed the importance of educating one’s self and to ask questions about investments before making them. Ponzi schemes and anything with guaranteed returns are not the most frequent fraud schemes. It is a hassle to cancel a credit card and get a new one issued, but it can be the best route to take in some cases to ensure fraud ends or is prevented. Having a refusal script written and near the phone is a great way to prevent fraud and not be taken in by scams. Produced by Groundswell.