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Where do the current presidential candidates stand on Social Security?
Could any new President be a threat to Social Security?
What can we do if the candidates go against their word after being elected?


AARP Florida hosted this event to discuss the future of Social Security, and the Take a Stand campaign, which seeks to ensure that every presidential candidate has a plan to keep Social Security strong. AARP Florida Acting State Director Monica Stynchula hosted guest speakers John Hishta, AARP Campaigns Director and Leslie Spencer, Associate State Director of Advocacy, AARP Florida. AARP Campaigns Director John Hishta shared with callers that the goal is having presidential candidates that are committed to having the Social Security program around for future generations, and a presidential administration that is willing to tackle issues now to avoid crises in the future. Leslie Spencer spoke regarding the opportunities members have to take part in the Take a Stand campaign, such as making phone calls on the campaign's behalf, and writing postcards. Callers asked questions regarding the future of the Social Security program and the presidential candidate's level of commitment to Social Security.