The Money Mule – International Fraud Scheme!



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It seems my mom and some of her friends are getting the exact same calls, what is being done to combat this?
Tips: don't give money to strangers, take a job that requires sending or receiving packages, or promises easy money.
Guests stressed the importance of reporting any and all instances of fraud to law enforcement.


AARP Connecticut held this Telephone Townhall to discuss the latest fraud phenomenon, the Money Mule. Guest speakers Jackie Blaesi-Freed, Assistant Director, Dept. of Justice Consumer Protection Branch and Lauren Vumbaco, United States Postal Inspector, discussed the definition of a money mule, ways in which this fraud scheme is being perpetrated and the large amounts of money being moved through these scams. They also fielded questions regarding how to avoid fraudulent scams, reporting scams and the dependence on US infrastructure in order to execute these money mule scams.