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I received mail that claims I have money left over from my late mother, but they are charging a fee. How do I know if they are a scam?
Detective Solomon discusses the most recent scams that law enforcement have seen in 2016 in Connecticut.
How can scammers get my social security number when I don't provide it to them?


This live,interactive Vekeo event was hosted by AARP Connecticut and Nora Duncan, State Director. Detective Mark Solomon of the Greenwich Police Department, Financial Crimes Task Force and U.S. Secret Service was on the call. Michael Lentini, Manager of Consumer Credit Division at Connecticut Department of Banking was also on to answer questions and provide information. The topic of discussion was on educating consumers on protecting themselves from consumer fraud and identity theft. The various examples of fraud phone calls are those that call to request money, the grandparents phone call scams, the IRS fraud, advance loan scam, and some who state they are from charities. Computer, software and email hacking was also discussed, including ways to safeguard against fraud by using technology.