COVID and Mental Health In the Black Community



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Professor Alaina Morgan discussed the main barriers preventing people from getting vaccinated.
Dr. Oliver Brooks discussed the difference between N95 and KN95 masks.
Dr. Brooks discussed how Vitamin D helps us build an immunity against COVID-19.


AARP California hosted this Access Live event to discuss Covid-19 and its impact on the health and wellness of the African American/Black community. The event was moderated by Rhonda Smith, Executive Director of the Black Health Network and featured Dr. Oliver Brooks, Chief Medical Officer at Watts Healthcare Corporation; James Coomes, Mental Health Clinical Program Head Director at Los Angeles County; Alaina Morgan, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Southern California; and Erich “Coach E” Nall, owner of Ultimate Transformations Fitness Training. Each expert in their respective field provided insights to how the African American/Black community can protect themselves from COVID, how to maximize physical health, the importance of mental health, and provided resources to address these issues.