AARP CA Town Hall on Online Frauds and Scams



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Mark Fetterhoff answered a question about the AARP fraud helpline.
Amy Nofziger answered a question about what phishing is and how scammers use this.
Amy Nofziger and Mark Fetterhoff answered a question about how to tell if you're donating to a legitimate charity.


AARP California hosted this Access Live event with the AARP Fraud Watch Network to provide members with an interactive conversation on how to identify and avoid online frauds and scams. This event featured Amy Nofziger, AARP Director of Fraud Victim Support; Strat Maloma, AARP California Senior Program Specialist and Fraud Watch Network Lead; and Mark Fetterhoff, AARP Fraud Watch Network Elder Watch Program. The hosts discussed phishing, spoofing, the FedEx scam, and how legitimate companies work. Participants asked questions about how to identify scammers, especially with the holidays approaching.