AARP California Town Hall on Frauds and Scams



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Amy Nofziger talks about the Fraud Watch Network and the free helpline to support members who may be the victim of tax identity theft.
Rod Ammari discusses how they work with AARP and shared the importance of knowing the IRS will NOT contact members via phone, only through the mail.
Rod Ammari answers a question about prosecuting people who have committed identity theft.


AARP California held this Access Live event for their members with Amy Nofziger and the AARP Fraud Watch Network as well as Rod Ammari, Special Agent Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration to address tax identity theft and scams. They shared ways in which scammers solicit information from members to complete their scams. Amy Nofziger shared about the cooperation and legislation being done to stop phone call scammers. Agent Rod Ammari shared the importance of reporting scams so that investigations can be carried out.