AARP California Town Hall on the 2020 Census and Voter’s Choice Act

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What is being done about our election security?
Where can voters learn more about the VCA and the 2020 Census?
Where can we get election information in an audio form?
Sec. Padilla describes the only two changes on voting by mail.
Sec. Padilla explains the Voter’s Choice Act.
Sec. Padilla gives an overview of the Census process.
Sec. Padilla on why the Census count is important.
An expert from the Secratary's office explains key elements of the VCA and what will be different about voting in 2020.
The experts share some resources for people concerned with new voting centers and machines.
How can I change my party affiliation?
How do I apply for a job with the Census?
How will people living on the street vote?
Does the census have any other purpose besides allocation of funding?


AARP California hosted this call with California Secretary of State Alex Padilla. Secretary Padilla, his staff and the AARP answered many questions about the Voter’s Choice Act and the importance of participating in the census.