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Are calls stating I'm being sued by the IRS a scam?
How does the IRS reach the public to educate them?
What can I do to help investigators track these scams?


AARP California hosted this event to inform members of the Fraud Watch Network, which aids to protect against identity theft and other forms of fraud, that fraud is common during the tax season. This event featured CPA and IRS advocacy agent Dan Maiuro and AARP fraud expert, Rosa Maymi. The Fraud Network provides alerts, tips and resources regarding scams and is free to people of all ages in all states. It was stated that every year, millions of Americans fall victim to fraud and billions of dollars are affected. Dan Maiuro informed of two scams occurring during the tax season: the IRS phone scam and Affordable Care Act scam which aims to take payment for taxes related to the new healthcare law. The hosts stressed the importance of doing their own research and having a trusted tax preparer. The call ended with useful information and resources for callers regarding fraud prevention and assistance. Produced by Groundswell Communications.