Conversation with Gov. Hutchinson and Dr. Dillaha



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Governor Asa Hutchinson provides an update on the virus and vaccines.
State Epidemiologist Dr. Jennifer Dillaha discusses how people without access to technology can schedule appointments for vaccination.
Dr. Jennifer Dillaha answers a question about the availability of the second dose.


AARP Arkansas hosted this Access Live event to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines. The event featured: Governor Asa Hutchinson; Dr. Jennifer Dillaha, State Epidemiologist; and Herb Sanderson, AARP Arkansas State Director. Together they provided important information about combatting COVID-19 together, discussed details on the COVID-19 vaccines and distribution, and addressed participant questions and concerns. Callers inquired about scheduling vaccination visits, access to the vaccine for homebound individuals or those in long-term care facilities, and social distancing recommendations.