AARP Arkansas Fraud Town Hall w/ Frank Abagnale




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Frank advises what to do about computer software or support scams.
Frank informs callers what to do if affected by the Equifax Data Breach.
Frank explains how to find a credit monitoring service.


AARP Arkansas, in conjunction with the AARP Fraud Watch Network, hosted this live event for members in the state. This event featured author and leading scam prevention expert Frank W. Abagnale, who has been advising the FBI for over 40 years on fraud. He informed members how to spot and avoid scams in order to protect themselves and their families. Mr. Abagnale mentioned a new scam going around where when buying a house your escrow money ends up going to an account that is not actually affiliated with your home loan. Mr. Abagnale discussed his work with AARP's Fraud Watch Network, a valuable service that is is accessible to AARP members and non-members alike.