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The Microsoft virus scam is the one of the more popular scams
Scams have increased by 60% over the past 4 years
Personal experience with the Microsoft virus scam


AARP Arizona held this Vekeo Event to discuss the Fraud Watch Network, giving Arizona residents information to protect them from identity theft and fraud. The event was led by David Parra with AARP Arizona and Doug Shadel, AARP WA State Director, who is known as a financial fraud expert. The Fraud Watch Network is free to everyone and participants must sign up online. AARP has done many studies over the past few years to examine scams and fraud to better help the American people, so they can look for warning signs of fraud. The number of reports for fraud and scams have increased by 60% over the past four years according to the Federal Trade Commission. Participants shared their personal experiences with fraud and scams and the Microsoft virus scam is one of the more popular scams happening right now. Produced by Groundswell.