AARP Arizona Town Hall on the COVID-19 Vaccine



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Dr. Ross Goldberg answers a question about N95 masks.
Dr. Len Kirschner answers a question about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
Dr. Ross Goldberg answers a question about returning to the same site for your second dose of the COVID vaccine.


AARP Arizona held this Access Live event to discuss the latest COVID-19 pandemic news and vaccine distribution plans for Arizona. This event featured: Dr. Ross Goldberg, President of the Arizona Medical Association, and Vice-chair of the Department of Surgery and Specialty Ambulatory Medical Director at Valleywise Health; and Dr. Len Kirschner, Retired Airforce Colonel and Former Director of Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). They discussed how we can continue to combat COVID-19 together, the latest on vaccine distribution efforts, and addressed participant questions and concerns. Topics of discussion included current vaccine eligibility, the most effective masks on the market, when to get the COVID-19 second dose, vaccine safety, advocating for high-risk individuals, and scheduling an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.