AARP Arizona Fraud Watch Network Telephone Town Hall



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I received notice that I would be receiving grant money; is this a scam?
Can links and offers on Facebook be scams as well?
How do you stop or block phone calls from telephone scammers?


This live, interactive event was hosted by AARP Arizona in order to educate members on ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from identity theft and fraud. Director of Communications for AARP Arizona, Alex Juarez was joined by Gina Benjamin with the Consumer Protection and Advocacy Section of the Arizona Attorney General's Office, Myriam Cruz, the Director of Community Relations with the Arizona Better Business Bureau, and Linda Vitale, an AARP Volunteer Educator, to provide members with tips on fighting fraud and how to avoid falling victim to imposter scams. The hosts provided participants with various resources to avoid and report scams, including the Better Business Bureau's Scam tracker, which is an online tool that allows users to report and find out about current scams in their area. Participants were also informed about current scams such as a prescription and anti-aging drug scam, the IRS imposter, the package delivery scam, and the Microsoft support scams. Hosts encouraged members to always research and verify the information that they receive in the mail, on the phone or over the internet. Participants were able to share their experiences and ask questions live of the hosts, and they discussed topics such as prizes on Facebook, medical bills, and student loan forgiveness offers.