AARP Alaska Conversations with Family Caregivers



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What are the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer's disease?
Where can I take classes to become a respite caregiver?
If I am a family caregiver, how can I also find time to care for myself?


This live, interactive Vekeo event was hosted by AARP Alaska to discuss family caregiving and focused on adapting to changing roles in relationships while providing care for a loved one. Host Ken Osterkamp, State Director of AARP Alaska, was joined by guest speaker Pamela Kelley, Education Director at Alzheimer's Resource of Alaska, to inform participants about the resources available for Alzheimer's and dementia patients and their families. Pamela discussed the challenges that family members face in providing care or paying for their loved one's care. The hosts also shared various resources to help patients and family members through the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) network which serves Alaskans statewide through regional sites. Pamela discussed the availability of the Alzheimer’s Savvy Caregiver Program, which is a training series for family caregivers. Participants were able to ask questions live of the hosts and those covered topics such as caregiver education, early Alzheimer's symptoms, and availability of care coordination.