AARP Alabama Discusses Voting Safely in 2020



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Dr. Mary McIntyre from the Alabama Department of Health offers a reminder of best safety practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Secretary of State John Merrill discusses the security of mail-in absentee ballots.
Secretary of State John Merrill provided information about mail-in ballot application requests for voters with limited resources.


AARP Alabama hosted this Access Live event to discuss voting safely in the upcoming 2020 election. The event featured Secretary of State John Merrill and Acting State Epidemiologist and Assistant State Health Officer for Disease Control and Prevention at the Alabama Department of Health, Dr. Mary McIntyre. Secretary John Merrill discussed voting options and how the state is ensuring public health and security during the election. Dr. McIntyre provided a medical update on COVID-19 in Alabama and reminded participants how to best stay safe by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and continued vigilance of good personal and public hygiene.