AARP Alaska hosts Governor Bill Walker



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What is being done about the high cost of health insurance?
What was the overall effect on the recession in Alaska with funds taken from residents’ dividend checks?
Please discuss REAL ID.


This live Vekeo event was hosted by AARP Alaska, Alaska’s largest membership organization with more than 86,000 members. The event was moderated by AARP Alaska State Director Ken Osterkamp. In addition to guest Governor Bill Walker, Commissioners Sheldon Fisher (Administration), Valerie Davidson (Health and Social Services), Randall Hoffbeck (Revenue) and Director Pat Pitney (Office of Management and Budget) joined the conversation. The Governor discussed extending senior benefits and tactics to decrease healthcare costs in Alaska. He discussed the states’ Pioneer Homes and indicated the homes would not be closed to balance the budget. He discussed Medicaid expansion, of which 31,000 Alaskans and more than 7,000 seniors have benefited. Governor Walker spoke of his visits with President Xi Jinping of China and United States Vice President Mike Pence about Alaska's LNG project in regards to the Alaska gas pipeline.