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Sarah spoke about the Global Council for Brain Health, what they do and their pillars for brain health.
Dr. Basting spoke about how she uses the arts to help stimulate and develop brain health with her nonprofit.
A caller asked why they can remember song lyrics from long ago but struggles to recall daily lists. Is this normal and what can be done?


AARP Virginia hosted this live discussion to discuss brain health and keeping our minds fit. The event featured Ralph H. Johnson VA psychiatrist, MUSC professor, and Director of the South Carolina Institute for Brain Health, Dr. Jacobo Mintzer; Executive Director of the Global Council on Brain Health and AARP Senior VP for Policy and Brain Health on Policy, Research, and International Affairs (PRI), Sarah Lenz Lock; and Dr. Anne Basting, American gerontologist working as a professor of theater at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts. The experts shared insights and practices for improving brain health for elderly and aging populations, specifically healthy eating, music and the arts, normal vs. abnormal cognitive decline, learning new things, exercise, and social interaction.