AARP Oregon Sweetheart Scams Town Hall



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Attorney General Carla Martinez discusses protecting yourself from "Sweetheart Scams."
Attorney General Carla Martinez answers question about prosecuting scammers.
FTC Regional Director Chuck Harwood discusses the most prevalent countries that "Sweetheart Scams" come from.


AARP Oregon held this Access Live event to discuss the prevalent “Sweetheart Scams.” Hosts discussed what participants can do to minimize their risk of being scammed, how scammers get prosecuted, and reporting scams.

Important Phone Numbers:

AARP Fraud Watch Helpline: 1-877-908-3360
Oregon Attorney General: 1-877-877-9392
Federal Trade Commission: 1-877-382-4357 (877 FTC HELP) Department of Consumer & Business Services Insurance Fraud & Questions: 1-888-877-4894
Financial Services: 1-866-814-9710 SHIBA toll free number is 1-800-722-4134