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What should I do to engage with a stock broker/financial adviser?
What can be done about the Craigslist Scams and illegal activity?
What can be done about daily calls from the Microsoft scam artists?


The purpose of the event was to announce the launch of the Fraud Watch Network in Hawaii, alert residents to common scams, and allow them to share their experiences. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Scott Spallina spoke about the prevalence of scams in Hawaii and identified the sweepstakes lottery as the number-one scam in the islands. Lisa Nakao with the BBB of Hawaii mentioned other common scams including IRS scams and calls from Microsoft to fix computer issues. Josh Bailes explained the purpose of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and spoke about common frauds in the commodity markets, the most common of which are ponzi schemes. The guests also answered questions about how to handle daily fraudulent phone calls, and how to check for fraudulent activity. To join AARP’s Fraud Watch Network visit Produced by Groundswell Communications.