Making Sense of Care Options You Can Get at Home




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Director of Caregiving at the AARP Public Policy Institute Rita Choula discusses aging-in-place services and the benefits.
Reverend Evelyn Collier-Dixon discusses the right time to seek caregiving support.
Reverend Collier-Dixon discusses how in-home caregiving is growing and evolving.


AARP National hosted this Access Live event to discuss professional care options for help for care at home. The event featured Reverend Evelyn Collier-Dixon of the National Black Nurses Association and the Director of Caregiving at the AARP Public Policy Institute, Rita Choula, who discussed professional care options to help care for loved ones at home, how to assess what level of care a loved one need, where to start the search for support, and how identify which services and financial programs are available. There was also discussion about hospice care and how caregiving can impact the family financially.