The Latest Holiday Scams to Watch Out For




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Carol Kando-Pineda answered a question about what to do when asked to use gift cards for payment.
Seth Boffeli answered a question about the grandparent scam and call spoofing.
Carol answered a question about how to spot a gift card payment scam.


AARP National hosted this Access Live event to update their members with how to stay safe from frauds and scams during the holiday season. This event featured Seth Boffeli, AARP Fraud Prevention Advisor; Jessica Prell, AARP Organizer and Senior Advisor; and Carol Kando-Pineda, Counsel at the FTC Division of Consumer and Business Education. The experts spoke about what techniques scammers are doing with shoppers and what shoppers should be keeping their eye out for to avoid these scams. They also discussed gift card scams, spoofing numbers you know, and the grandparent scam.