Making Sense of At Home Professional Care Options




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Rita Choula discussed some challenges of in-home caregiving.
Bob Stephen discussed services and benefits for in-home caregiving.
Rita discussed how someone can tell when it is time to bring in help for their loved ones.


AARP National hosted this Access Live event for members to discuss how to make sense of professional care options for home caregivers. This event featured Bob Stephen, Vice President, Family Caregiving and Long-Term Care at AARP, Rita Choula, Director, Caregiving at AARP Public Policy Institute, Sarah A. Payne, DO, Division Medical Director of Hospice & Palliative Care at Banner Health, and Lauren Ryan, FFY Speaker Government Affairs, AARP. Speakers discussed advantages and challenges of in-home care giving of medical services. Speakers also talked about  how important it is to find the right fit for professionals coming into the home.