Coronavirus and the Latino Community




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Dr. Rivera talks about the difference between the three vaccines in the U.S.
Mónica Ramirez answered a question about what is being done to get the vaccine to migrant farmworkers.
Dr. Webb spoke about how people of color are being represented in the trials for the vaccine.


AARP National held this Access Live event to provide important information and resources for the Latino community on COVID-19 pandemic. This event featured Cameron Webb, M.D., Senior Policy Advisor, COVID-19 Equity, White House COVID-19 Response Team, Mónica Ramirez, Founder and President, Justice for Migrant Women, Juan Rivera, M.D., Chief Medical Correspondent, Univision, and Frankie Miranda, President, Hispanic Federation. Dr. Webb discussed the effect that COVID-19 has had on the black and brown communities and what is being done to help these communities fight this illness. Dr. Rivera talked about false information being shared and the impact of this on the black and brown communities. He also discussed the three vaccines available in this country and the difference between them.