Coronavirus and the Black Community




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Dr. Villanueva answers a question about how older adults and Black Americans were represented in the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.
Dr. Evans speaks about the pandemic's impact on Black American's physical and mental health.
Clarence Anthony answers a questions about what local governments and community organizations are doing to address vaccine hesitancy.


AARP National held this Access Live event for members to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine disturibution, with a focus on the Black community. This event featured: Dr. Rachel Villanueva, President-Elect of the National Medical Association; Clarence Anthony, Chief Executive Officer of the National League of Cities; Dr. Arthur C. Evans, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of the American Psychological Association; and Dr. Nii-Quartelai Quartey, AARP’s COVID Vaccine Education and Multicultural Engagement Lead. Together they provided important information about the COVID-19 vaccines and addressed participant questions and concerns.