AARP Telephone Town Hall in Response to the Coronavirus Crisis




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Dr. Patel discusses advances in medical treatment helping people survive COVID-19.
Dr. Hebert speaks on the role of the family caregiver during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Dr. Patel discusses the COVID-19 vaccine development process and what consumers can expect in terms of safety and efficacy.


AARP National hosted this Access Live event to provide members with information and resources on the Coronavirus pandemic. This event featured: Dr. Gopi Patel, Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York; and Dr. Warren Hebert, Nursing Professor at Loyola University of New Orleans and CEO of HomeCare Association of Louisiana. Topics of discussion included the role of the family caregiver during the pandemic, the current rise in COVID-19 cases and what that means for upcoming holidays and winter, and vaccine development, safety, and efficacy.