AARP Telephone Town Hall on Tax Identify Theft



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Highlight Clips

Lisa Schifferle from the Federal Trade Commission discusses tax-related identity theft.
Special Agent Bill Kalb from the U.S Treasury explains the IRS imposter scam.
AARP Fraud Expert Amy Nofziger informs callers of the most reported scams on the Fraud Watch Network.


AARP National hosted this Access Live event to address tax-related identify theft and IRS impostor scams. The event featured experts from the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Treasury Department, and AARP’s Fraud Watch Network. Participants asked questions about how to prevent robocalls, when/where it is advisable to divulge personal information (such as social security number), how scammers are caught/prosecuted, and how to report scams and get help as a victim. Hosts also encouraged participants to utilize AARP’s free tax aide resource, which is available to anyone.