# 2 – Southwest Region Event



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What is being done about the over-prescription of opioids?
How is Pennsylvania working with other states to address drug trafficking?
Why is there not more drug education emphasis within the schools?


Pennsylvania State Senator Gene Yaw, representing Pennsylvania’s 23rd Senatorial district, hosted this live, interactive event. He was joined by Barry Denk, Director of The Center of Rural Pennsylvania, Dr. Nancy Falvo, Director of Nursing at Clarion University, and Gene Vittone, District Attorney of Washington County. The topic of discussion was the heroin and opioid epidemic, and participants were able to ask questions live of the hosts. Senator Yaw opened the call by thanking the sponsors of the event, which included members of the Pennsylvania State Senate: Senator Elder Vogel Jr. (47-R), Senator Kim Ward (39-R), Senator Pat Stefano (32-R), Senator Camera Bartolotta (46-R), Senator Reschenthaler (37-R), Senator Randy Vulakovich (38-R), and Senator John Eichelberger (30-R). Issues discussed included Narcan for treatment, post-detox treatment options for addicts, and the stigma attached to addiction. This event was the second in a five-part series intended to address the statewide crisis.