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District Attorney Shane Scanlon discusses naloxone and helping an overdose victim.
Are there programs to educate physicians on how to appropriately prescribe pain medicine?
Will there be free treatment for addicts without insurance that are seeking help?


Pennsylvania State Senator Gene Yaw, representing Pennsylvania's 23rd Senatorial district, hosted this live, interactive event. He was joined by Lackawanna County District Attorney Shane Scanlon, Barry Denk, Director of The Center for Rural Pennsylvania, and Andrew Sullivan, Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Mazzitti and Sullivan Counseling. The topic of discussion was the heroin and opioid epidemic, and participants were able to ask questions live of the hosts. Senator Yaw opened the call by thanking the sponsors of the event, which included four members of the Pennsylvania State Senate: Senator Mario Scavello (40-R), Senator John Gordner (27-R), Senator Lisa Baker (20-R), and Senator David Argall (29-R). Issues discussed included shifting the view of addiction to a medical issue rather than a criminal issue, the availability of naloxone, and providing addiction education to young people. This event was the first in a five-part series intended to address the statewide crisis.