Smart Money Moves: Side Hustles, Small Business, and Investing (Gen z and Millennial Edition)




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“Smart Money Moves” is a conversation for Gen Z’ers and Millennials making the most of their money and financial life through part-time gigs, side hustles, and small business ownership. Our panelists will discuss making extra cash, types of business ownership, how to invest and save with your current financial situation, as well as, how to invest for retirement as a small business owner. Smart Money Moves will be hosted by Donna Lowry, a seven-time Emmy award winner, veteran journalist, and host of GPB Lawmakers. Speakers for the event include Lead Planner of Facet Wealth, Cait Howerton, MBA, AFC®, CFP®; Lead Planner of Facet Wealth, Alex Wilson CFP®, BFA™; and Financial Coach, SmartPath, Financial Counselor, Zeiders Enterprises, Dr. Juanita Warren, AFC®.

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